Delicious Milk Chocolate with a Toy Surprise Inside!

A delicious chocolate treat and a cute collectible toy.  ToyBox® is sure to bring a moment of joy and excitement for you and your loved one.

Layers of Discovery!

Like unwrapping a gift, multiple layers of discovery make the ToyBox® experience unique and exciting!  Cool Packaging, delicious milk chocolate, and a collectible toy inside!

The Perfect Treat!

There is a new toy to collect or trade in every ToyBox®

Bold, new, brightly colored ToyBox® packaging.

Foil Wrapped Ball

Bright colorful foil.

100% Real Milk Chocolate

Delicious Barry Callebaut Chocolate. Gluten FREE and Non-GMO.

Two Perfectly Molded Chocolate Shells

Our patented design allows the chocolate shells to gently detach from plastic capsule after removing foil.

Cool Plastic Capsule

The patented ridge on the capsule prevents the two chocolate halves from touching.

Squeeze Plastic Capsule to Open

Collectible Toy

High quality, hand painted figurines Over 50 to collect!

100% Milk Chocolate

Delicious Milk Chocolate from Barry Callebaut.  100% real ingredients.  Gluten free and non-GMO.

Patented Safe Capsule™

Our patented and FDA approved capsule design safely combines chocolate and toys.

ToyBox® comes in a variety of retail options.  We offer a floorstand, countertop, and shelf display units.  Contact us today about order information.

24ct Display

Table Top Display

12ct Carton 3x4

12ct Carton 2x6

Oh Snap!

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Contact ToyBox® for order information.