Chocolate + toys = pure bliss!

This is the candy you wish you had when you were a kid! Creamy, delicious milk chocolate with a surprise toy in every package! It really is like your birthday whenever you open one! Atlantic Candy Company has been in the business of creating the best chocolate on the planet for nearly three decades and we are proud to announce our latest and greatest creation, ToyBox!

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ToyBox is the newest chocolate product from Atlantic Candy Company.

ToyBox utilizes patented Safe-Capsule technology that makes it safe for kids of all ages. It is 100% FDA approved. The chocolate is made in the USA. It is Gluten free, organic, and Non GMO!

Following Atlantic Candy Company’s debut on Shark Tank, the team quickly got to work building the necessary equipment and developing what we believe will be the hottest new candy product in recent memory.

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A sneak peak at the ToyBox collection...

About Atlantic Candy Company

Our passion is creating. our niche is to manufacture unique products on an industrial scale and our goal is to deliver the highest quality products at the best possible price. We have been heavily involved with some of the most unique and challenging products in the candy industry.

We're excited to be rolling out our newest product, ToyBox, that we know is going to be a huge hit!

Our History

Atlantic Candy Company’s lineage dates back to the late 1980’s. We have produced many new and exciting products over several decades at our factory in Saint Augustine, Fl. Our growth was due to our unique capabilities to design and build custom machinery and processes for new products. We take the tough jobs that no one else can do. We have been involved in some of the industry’s biggest new product introductions. We still produce exciting and challenging chocolate products for a variety of customers and markets today.

3 Steps To Enjoying The ToyBox

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